The Soulful Time Management Toolkit

Learn how to take your business idea from a CONCEPT to a plan of ACTION!

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    “I was stuck and not able to achieve who I wanted to be. You helped with that! I'm able to dial in and be the woman I see"

    Amber M

    What you get:

    The basics of exploring your business idea and you also get some personal explanations of HOW to go about each step!

    Let's get the non-sexy stuff out of the way, shall we?

    If you are like I was, you might be exploring ideas and stepping into a NEW, exciting and sometimes scary idea or venture!

    If so, congratulations on being OUTSIDE your comfort zone!! Most times, it helps to have a bit of guidance!

    Often, when we step into the online space, the amount of NOISE (think opportunities, trainings, reels, people to follow and so on...) can be OVERWHELMING!

    It is SO easy to "squirrel" all over the place and find yourself EXACTLY where you started months, or even years down the road! (Ask me how I know!).

    This is NOT a business guru kind of guide, it is more personal than that and a START!!! For those of us NON-GURU types, it is MUCH better to keep it simple! These tips in this toolkit were ABSOLUTE game changers for me, and I use them ALL THE TIME! So glad to share it with you!