New guide for aspiring entrepreneurs

5 Key Considerations for Starting a New Business

Learn how to take your business idea from a CONCEPT to a plan of ACTION!

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    “I was stuck and not able to achieve who I wanted to be. You helped with that! I'm able to dial in and be the woman I see"

    Amber M

    What you get:

    The basics of exploring your business idea and you also get some personal explanations of HOW to go about each step!

    Let's get the non-sexy stuff out of the way, shall we?

    If you are like I was, you might be exploring ideas and stepping into a NEW, exciting and sometimes scary idea or venture!

    If so, congratulations on being OUTSIDE your comfort zone!! Most times, it helps to have a bit of guidance!

    This guide will help you think about some of the ideas to consider and explore as well as some personal quips to point you in a direction!

    This is NOT a business guru kind of guide, it is more personal than that and a START!!! For those of us NON-GURU types, it is MUCH better to keep it simple! So glad to share it with you!